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  Technologic Park
Technologic Park will be a modern industrial zone situated in the Cracow, with complete technical infrastructure meeting the investors' needs, clear legal status, and all the necessary administrative decisions for the investment process to start.

The Kraków-Wschód (Cracow-East) Technologic Park receives full support of public authorities and guarantees of efficient cooperation with the Managing Board of ArcelorMittal Poland S.A. The project is managed by the Cracow-East Economic Development Agency: a partner agreement between the Municipality of Krakow and ArcelorMittal Poland S.A.
GOALS OF THE PARK are the integration of the local community, administrative authorities, as well as the business and scientific environment of Crakow around the problems related to the activation of brownlands.
Establishment of the Park will make it possible to use and implement new instruments of development, namely: entrepreneurial business incubators, and technology transfer centres focused on the growth of investment and employment, and on the improvement of spatial and environmental standards in the district of Nowa Huta.
Atrakcyjne nieruchomości w Krakowie Branicach i Pleszowie.
2016-04-22 więcej

Spółka ogłasza konkurs ofert na kupno atrakcyjnej nieruchomości w Krakowie przy ul. Blokowa 9.
2016-04-20 więcej

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